Child Bed Frame

Where to Buy a Child Bed Frame

T here are all kinds of different bed frames available to choose from. You can get one that has a second bed that will slide out from underneath, or with a set of drawers built into it eliminating the need for a dresser, or just a plain table-like frame that has no headboard or railings.

First, you should ask yourself what kind of material you want. Wood is always more expensive, it can be a bit more dangerous, and it's liable to break when some children jump on the beds as children love to do! Plastic is always a good, affordable option. Most of the time it will be more than half the price of a wooden frame. It's much safer and much less likely to fall apart with all the jumping if you get a fairly think plastic.


You'll also have many more options with colors when you choose plastic, unlike wood you can get the plastic with multiple colors or just about any single color you want. Metal frames are a little less common but they are out there. A child bed frame with metal is going to be more expensive than plastic but may still be cheaper than some of the wooden frame options.

If you're going for a new age, modern style then you may want to look into the metal frames as they will add some nice tones and textures to a room that you can't get from plastic or wood. They can also come with intricate designs that you will not find in other materials. Always make sure you choose an option that you know will be safe.

Wooden frames are probably the most dangerous as they're most likely to have a faulty design. Though they are the nicest for a long term option if you plan on passing the child bed frame down to future children. Check out our other articles on various pieces of furniture specifically for children!