Custom Kids Furniture

F inding custom kid's furniture can be a daunting task. You may be able to find a local wood worker or crafts master that would be willing to customize children's furniture to meet your needs, but you're probably better off searching online.

Depending on where you live, normally you can find a local arts and crafts person that does freelance work to make your custom kids furniture. Most of the time, these people tend to work with wood. You're very unlikely to find any freelance plastic furniture designers! You may find a few that work with metal, but if wood is what you want then you may want to go this route.

Check the phonebook first of course. Then maybe try going to some local craft stores and see if they know any freelance designers that do custom work. Online, you can find lots of places that will do small customizing such as putting a custom name label on a piece of kid's furniture. You'll also find lots of hand painted furniture, but usually most of the things you find will already be made and they will either add a name or have a few other small options.

Local community colleges that offer coursework in woodworking may be another source of finding custom children's furniture builders. This would be a great and cost effective way of getting custom kids furniture.

Most of the options online will be semi-custom, but it might not be too difficult to find a small company that will offer enough customization to suit your needs. Be sure to consider the safety factors of having custom kids furniture created.