Children Dressers

A re you looking for a good, sturdy dresser for your children?

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a small dresser that suits your kid's needs. First, make sure you find one that is the correct size for your child! This is the most important factor, if your child can reach the highest drawers then it's not going to do much good. Also, if it's that high then it's bound to be dangerous at least if it's light enough for children to move around.

Next, you should consider the material properties of children dressers. Plastic is always good if it fits the room well enough and you are not going to have the child's dresser for more than a couple years. They're also lightweight and easy to move around. Easy access is important for your children, plastic drawers slide easily and will not put much strain on your children when they're just trying to organize their clothes or store personal items.

Wood can be broken and is usually much heavier, therefore more dangerous. This should only be an option if it's more of a decorating issue. It's also much more expensive. On the same note, it will last for years and years, so childrens dressers made from wood could last them through their teen years.

You could find some decent children's dressers at garage sales if you're not too concerned about the theme of the room you're furnishing and more concerned about a short term dresser solution for your children at an affordable price. Online browsing is always a good idea. Whatever you choose, make it a safe choice for your children! Rounded corners and edges can help save the cuts and bruises many children get by bumping into their children's dressers.