What To Look For In Child Foam Furniture

A re you looking to buy some foam furniture for your child?

Unlike 10 years ago, children's foam furniture can be found all over the place, whether you search online or at your local children's furniture store.

You can find kid's foam furniture in a variety of colors and styles. We found a child foam loveseat that looked idenitical to our regular leather couch! Your kid may enjoy the foam furniture with their favorite super hero in the fabric.

Child foam furniture is a great choice for your child for several reasons:

  1. It is by far the safest furniture for your children to use. Generally there are no sharp edges and if they fall and land on the corner, foam furniture is very forgiving.
  2. It is relatively cheap. You can find some great pieces of children's foam furniture online for less than $50.
  3. It is lightweight. If you are not able to move around heavy furniture, children's foam furniture is a great idea for you. A nice sized foam couch can weigh less than 10 pounds.

The only problem we have come across when buying child foam furniture is getting it home from the store. Rarely will furniture stores deliver it for you, and they are so lightweight, you have to really tie them down good or they could blow away on your way home! Other than that, foam furniture is a great choice.

Foam children's furniture could be the greatest invention you ever find for your children. We give it our highest recommendation.