Finding "The Perfect" Child Chair

A child's chair is probably the second most important piece of furniture you'll get when shopping for children's furniture. After the bed, the chair is the next piece of furniture they'll spend the most time with and begin to develop a sitting posture for the rest of their life!

Don't overlook your closest option when it comes to buying your next child chair. More on that in a minute.

You may be buying more than one chair for your child, if you need a chair for their studying, and one for dining or for scribbling with their crayons at a plastic artwork table. Garage sales are an excellent place to find fabulous deals on children's chairs. Once a child grows up, people practically throw away their chairs.

Otherwise you can end up spending way too much at local furniture stores, or when you're shopping online. Make sure you thoroughly consider the garage sale option before you step foot in a store or search online. Of course, garage sales will limit your options drastically so you might want to go ahead and find your favorite child chair and pay a good bit more for that convenience and for getting exactly what you want.

Now, about the posture of your children, make sure you find the right height of the child chair for the right age and height of your child. Make sure their feet do not hang and are able to rest firmly on the ground while they sit up right and back into the chair. Anywhere between 7 1/2 inches to 13 1/2 inches is usually the range you'll be looking at when your kid is between two and five years of age.

Another place you may want to check is on ebay. You can find practically anything you could ever want on that site, and the prices are hard to beat. If you need a table to go along with the children's chair, make sure you check out our other articles on children's furniture. Good luck finding the most suitable chair for your children!